Biococo Face Soap 50g
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Brand Biococo
Size (L x W x H) 6 cm x 2 cm x 5 cm
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BIOCOCO Natural Glycerin Face Soap (50g) is considered the gold standard of moisturizing soaps.

This popular natural glycerin Face Soap is made from virgin coconut oil and palm tocotrienol vitamin e, which research has found it to be up to 60 times more potent than the normal vitamin e tocopherol. It removes excess face oil and dirt without stripping off your natural skin oil. It also exfoliate the old dry skin naturally. Leaving your skin soft and smooth. 

BIOCOCO Face soap is scented with citrus essential oil and can last from 1-3 months depending on the amount of make up to remove. Keep soap dry after use. 

Just try it today and you can feel the skin difference after a few days usage.

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Biococo Face Soap 50g