Radico Hair Wash & Treatment Powder - Ritha Powder 100g
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Product SKU Radico Hair Wash & Treatment Powder - Ritha Powder 100g
Brand Radico
Size (L x W x H) 13 cm x 3 cm x 21 cm
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Soapnuts for skin care

Reetha is an excellent cleanser and show very cool effect on the skin. Soapnuts make your skin soft and prevents it from drying. The mix of soapnuts and chick pea is applied on the skin instead of soap, gives gentler effects on the skin. It makes your skin soft and tender. It is also used in curing of eczema, psoriasis, and removing of pimples, blackheads and freckles.


Reetha for facial complexion

Soapnuts water can be used as face wash. Prepare a mix of reetha liquid and essential oil (few drops). Stir it properly and apply the same on your face instead of using chemical face wash. Regular use of this, give you a dazzling face.

Reetha for dandruff: Reetha is an excellent hair cleanser. Apply the liquid over your scalp and left for few minutes followed by washing the same with clean water. It helps to prevent dandruff and white flakes.

Soapnuts for washing clothes: Washing clothes, especially the children shows gentle effect on the skin. It is allergic free and helps to maintain the original color of dresses.

Reetha for jewellery cleaning:  Drop the ornaments into the liquid of soapnuts. Rub the jewellery with soft cloth. You will see amazing difference in your ornaments by getting the original look