Nature Co Rosehip Serum 20ml
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Product SKU Nature Co Rosehip Serum 20ml
Brand Nature Co
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For Him & Her. All age groups. For all skin types.

Cell & tissue repair. Very high Omega 3 & 6, pro Vit A and Vit C. For brightening & even tone. Reduces fine lines & scars/marks.

Note :

Kate Middleton and some Hollywood celebrities (including Miranda Kerr) swear by rosehip for even skin tone and flawless complexion.

Grade : Australian Certified Organic. 100% concentrate/potent. Cold-pressed. Virgin. Unadulterated. Cosmetic grade.

How to use (morning & night) :

Step 1    Spread 1-2 drops evenly on face (while skin is still moist with toner)

Step 2    Using finger tips, gently massage in small circular motion till fully absorbed

If further massage is required, can spray some toner to ease the massage. After 2 weeks of use, can increase more drops if skin cells/tissues are absorbing product well




细胞和组织修复。极高的Omega 3和6,pro Vit A和VitC。减少细纹和疤痕/痕迹。

注意 :

凯特·米德尔顿(Kate Middleton)和一些好莱坞名流(包括米兰达·可儿(Miranda Kerr))发誓要用玫瑰果带来均匀的肤色和完美的肤色。

等级:澳大利亚有机认证。 100%浓缩/有效。冷压。处女。 ad然。化妆品级。