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On January 22, 1971, President Richard Nixon declared total war on cancer. In the quarter century of the battle, we have consistently been defeated. Many critics call this a "medical Vietnam." In 1996 we had 550,000 deaths from cancer. That's 215,000 more than 1971. If this trend continues, cancer will overtake heart disease as the number one killer of Americans by 2000. Dr. John C. Bailor of the Harvard School of Public Health aptly says, "The main conclusion we draw is that some 35 years of intensive effort focused largely on improving treatment must be judged a qualified failure. The reasons for this failure need to be carefully assessed, but in the meanwhile it may be that our approach to cancer needs to be changed. The most promising areas are in cancer prevention." It is estimated that over 60 percent of all cancer has to do with what we eat or do not eat. Foods nutritional supplements and lifestyle changes are what this book is all about. Proper nutrition can make a tremendous difference in your chances of becoming a cancer statistic. Some of the topics covered are: What is cancer? How do you get it? Which food supplements help prevent cancer and how much to take? I strongly urge you to read this book now!


1971年1月22日,理查德·尼克松总统宣布对癌症进行全面战争。在战斗的四分之一世纪中,我们一直被击败。许多批评家称其为“医学越南”。在1996年,我们有55万人死于癌症。这比1971年增加了215,000。如果这种趋势继续下去,到2000年,癌症将超过心脏病成为美国人的头号杀手。哈佛大学公共卫生学院的John C. Bailor博士恰当地说:“我们得出的主要结论是,必须将大约35年专注于改善治疗的大量努力判断为合格的失败,需要仔细评估失败的原因,但与此同时,可能需要改变我们的癌症治疗方法。正在预防癌症。”据估计,所有癌症中超过60%与我们所吃或不吃的食物有关。食品的营养补品和生活方式的改变是这本书的全部内容。适当的营养会极大地改变您成为癌症统计资料的机会。涉及的主题包括:什么是癌症?你怎么得到的?哪些食品补充剂有助于预防癌症,以及需要服用多少?我强烈建议您现在就读这本书!