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You have choices in heart disease. You can choose to do nothing, then perhaps have a heart attack and die prematurely. If you survive the heart attack, you could have the fun of a $30,000 bypass. You might get lucky and just need a $7,500 angioplasty. However, for very little money, you can read and apply the information in this book.


The vast majority of people are nutrition/lifestyle responsive, and this book tells you what to do. Heart disease is the number one cause of death both in men and women in North America. This is tragic, because of all of our major causes of death this is the easiest to prevent. Over 50 percent of adults have an increased risk of heart attack because their blood cholesterol levels are above the desirable range. Interestingly, people in most parts of the world do not get heart disease. In this book you will learn their secrets. Using the programs and suggestions outlined you will learn ways to reduce cholesterol significantly.


Read this next statement carefully because it is extremely important... Most people can reduce their risk of coronary heart disease by as much as two percent for each one percent drop in cholesterol! This means you could reduce your risk of coronary heart disease by 25 percent. By following the suggestions in this book, most people will experience a significant drop in cholesterol in just four to six weeks! Complex terms like HDL, LDL, cholesterol and triglycerides are made easy to understand.


This book covers dietary changes and food supplements to lower your heart attack risk in only four to six weeks. Since heart disease is our number one killer, it is most prudent to follow the simple suggestions in this book to greatly decrease your chances of becoming a heart disease statistic.




您可以选择心脏病。您可以选择什么都不做,然后心脏病发作而过早死亡。如果您在心脏病发作中幸存下来,则可以享受$ 30,000旁路的乐趣。您可能会很幸运,只需要进行$ 7,500的血管成形术即可。但是,您只需花很少的钱,就可以阅读和应用本书中的信息。


请仔细阅读下一条声明,因为它非常重要...每降低1%的胆固醇,大多数人都可以将罹患冠心病的风险降低2%!这意味着您可以将冠心病的风险降低25%。通过遵循本书中的建议,大多数人将在短短的四到六周内经历胆固醇的大幅下降! HDL,LDL,胆固醇和甘油三酸酯等复杂术语易于理解。