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Diabesity is the single biggest global health challenge of the 21st century just as the HIV/AIDS epidemic was in the last 20 years of the 20th century. You may not have heard of “Diabesity” and yet statistically speaking, you have a 50% chance of having it or you are already having it and don’t know about it. This word comes from an unhappy combination of Diabetes + Obesity or commonly referred to as “obesity-dependent diabetes” caused by the combination of unstable sugar and weight gain that can cripple you.This book might just change your life. This time around not only are young and middle-aged people (40-59) around the world affected but young children are now not spared. This means that there is a real need to learn more about the prevention of diabesity.No one ever dies of diabesity. They die of other chronic illness induced or made worse by diabesity like kidney disease, diabetes, heart attack, stroke, blindness, and amputation. Some topics of special interest include:

• What is diabesity?

• What if you ignore diabesity?

• Screening for diabesity

• What you can do if you have diabesity

• Call to action Your attitude and outlook can influence diabesity – for better or worse. Don’t gamble your life away from this preventable silent killer of the 21st century.