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糖尿病普遍的地步就犹如流行传染病般!全球约有1亿4千万人受糖尿病折磨,其中大马人占了50万人。很多糖尿病的病情是由药物所控制,可是糖尿病药物并无法治愈糖尿病;药物只是让你活下去。另一方面,糖尿病并发症 却日益增加,目前可能没有任何症状,不过却像一枚计时炸弹般随时发作。


糖尿病在美国是失明的首要元凶;患上心脏病的风险比常人高出24倍;中风的风险比常人高出26倍;患上肾病、高血压、传染病、坏疽及其他病的风险也相应提高。这些还只是部分我提及的并发症而已。不过,如果谨慎关 注你的生活习惯及身体的营养补充,上述许多并发症都可以避免,或至少延 迟发作。






Use this book as your valuable companion. Within these easy-to-read pages you will find many crucial tips and helpful suggestions that are backed by enough scientific research to prevent diabetes from taking hold of your body or to prevent or delay the onset of long-term diabetic complications which can prove fatal. You will learn how:

•           to detect diabetes or prevent it in the first place,

•           to monitor your sugar level,

•           dietary, nutritional and herbal approach in conjunction with life-style changes can make a big difference.

Few health problems are more responsive to lifestyle changes than this widespread disease. These lifestyle changes help not only to keep your sugar level within control but also help your body's cells to be more sensitive to insulin. Insulin resistance is the primary cause of type 2 diabetes.

No one ever dies of diabetes. They die of other illnesses induced or made worse by diabetes, like kidney failure, heart disease, stroke and amputation. Your attitude and outlook can influence the course of diabetes – for better or for worse.