OP Don't Lose Your Breast To Cancer
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Lumps under the armpit? Swelling that doesn’t go away? Unusual discharge from the nipples? Breast enlarged on one side or a change in the size or shape of the breast? Watch out – these are some of the symptoms of breast cancer. Breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting woman. According to the statistics from National Cancer Institute under the category “ever getting it,” one out of eight women will be at risk of developing breast cancer. What is alarming today is that those afflicted with breast cancer are getting younger and younger. This is a book to equip you with the necessary knowledge to say no to breast cancer before it afflicts you. Breast cancer is curable if detected in its early stage. Early detection is great but I would rather spend time and effort to seek ways to prevent it. The war against breast cancer is a winnable war. We just need to change tactics from seeking the “magic bullet” cure to aggressively pursuing prevention. Eighty to ninety percent of all breast cancer are the results of things we do to ourselves. The enemy is us. The health of your breast is in your hands. It is your responsibility and yours alone to take steps now to avoid losing your breast to cancer.


腋下肿块?肿胀不会消失吗?乳头异常排出?乳房一侧增大或乳房大小或形状改变?当心–这些是乳腺癌的一些症状。乳腺癌是影响女性的最常见癌症。根据美国国家癌症研究所(National Cancer Institute)的“永远得到”类别的统计,八分之一的女性有患乳腺癌的风险。今天令人震惊的是,罹患乳腺癌的人越来越年轻。这是一本书,旨在为您提供必要的知识,使您在罹患乳腺癌之前对乳腺癌说不。如果在早期发现乳腺癌,则可以治愈。尽早发现是很棒的方法,但我宁愿花时间和精力来寻找预防方法。抗击乳腺癌是一场胜利的战争。我们只需要将策略从寻求“魔术弹”的治疗方法转变为积极地进行预防。所有乳腺癌的百分之八十到百分之九十是我们对自己做的事情的结果。敌人是我们。乳房的健康掌握在您的手中。现在就采取措施避免您的乳房因癌症而丢失是您的责任,您自己也应承担责任。