OP Food Supplements - How to Begin (NEW)
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Many of us for one reason or another have decided to begin a sound food supplement program. The problem comes when we try to decide just how to start. There are thousands of products on the market today. Some make phenomenal (often misleading) claims. This book gives sound reasons for various nutrient choices and will help you begin a safe, effective food supplement program. For those who already take supplements, it provides important new information to aid you in adding to your program and in choosing your supplements wisely. •           Discover the basics, and then how to build on your program. •           Learn about additional nutrients used by millions. •           Uncover nutrients that may be missing in your diet. •           Learn how to recognize quality food supplements.


我们中的许多人出于一个或另一个原因而决定开始进行合理的食品补充计划。当我们尝试决定如何开始时,问题就来了。当今市场上有数千种产品。有些提出了惊人的(通常是误导性的)主张。本书为各种营养选择提供了合理的理由,并将帮助您开始安全,有效的食物补充计划。对于已经服用补品的人,它提供了重要的新信息,以帮助您添加到程序中并明智地选择补品。 •了解基础知识,然后了解如何在您的程序上进行构建。 •了解数百万人使用的其他营养素。 •发现饮食中可能缺少的营养素。 •了解如何识别优质食品补充剂。