OP Go Green with Organics (NEW)
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The word “organic” is a labeling term used to describe organic crops that are grown, harvested, and processed according to a strict set of standards. Organic food, once considered a hippie fad, is today the fastest growing segment in the food industry. People are choosing organic because they want a healthier and safer alternative to “conventional” grown food with its use of toxic pesticides, antibiotics, irradiation, hormones, and genetic engineering.  If you are debating whether or not to make the switch from conventional food to organic, you are not alone. Here's some vital information that will hopefully help you make an informed decision on what food you put on the table that will best serve you and your family to achieve vibrant health and energy and a healthier way to lose weight. Some topics of special interest include: • Understanding the different eco labels in the market place • What does the “organic” label mean? • How are organic foods identified and regulated? • What is a PLU code? • Can organic foods really improve your health? • What does organic not have?  • Why do organic foods cost more? • How to shop for organics: The “Dirty Dozen” and the “Clean Fifteen.”


“有机”一词是一个标签术语,用于描述按照严格的标准种植,收获和加工的有机作物。有机食品曾经被认为是嬉皮时尚,如今已成为食品工业中增长最快的部分。人们之所以选择有机食品,是因为他们希望使用有毒农药,抗生素,辐射,激素和基因工程技术,来替代“常规”种植食品,从而获得更健康,更安全的替代食品。如果您正在辩论是否要从传统食品转向有机食品,那么您并不孤单。这里有一些重要的信息,希望可以帮助您明智地决定摆在​​餐桌上的哪些食物最能为您和您的家人服务,以实现充满活力的健康和活力,以及更健康的减肥方式。一些特别感兴趣的主题包括:•了解市场上不同的生态标签•“有机”标签是什么意思? •如何识别和管理有机食品? •什么是PLU代码? •有机食品真的可以改善您的健康吗? •有机物没有什么? •为什么有机食品价格更高? •如何购买有机物:“脏十二”和“清洁十五”。