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Heart disease is the number one killer of both men and women in many countries. It kills over one-half million people each year in the US alone. The first symptom of heart disease for many people is sudden death. The good news is that the major risk factors for heart disease have been identified. This book explains those risk factors and how they can be modified by some very simple changes in your lifestyle and also talks about homocysteine, a new risk factor in cardiovascular disease.

Some people have great difficulty in lowering their cholesterol by dietary means. For those people, many times the only resource is drugs. This book offers another alternative. There are dietary supplements that have amazing effects on lowering cholesterol… thirty points in thirty days!

Recent research has shown that LDL cholesterol is not the culprit, but a special form of oxidized LDL cholesterol is the true villain. This deadly oxidized cholesterol can be blocked by certain nutrients ingested in slightly higher levels than the U.S. RDA.

Also addressed very strongly are vitamins and herbs, diet, a healthy lifestyle and minerals in a food supplement form that can be of great help in reducing your chances of cardiovascular disease. The information in this book can save your life.