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Being exposed to some disease-causing agent or bacteria does not always dictate whether or not you will get sick. It is not the exposure that counts but the effectiveness of the immune system.

Infectious disease is going to become in the 21st Century, a horrendous problem. Bacteria are rapidly becoming totally resistant to every antibiotic in our arsenal and there are no new 'miracle' drugs currently under development. But the worst scenario is we are probably going to see the emergence of very virulent micro­organisms or mutated 'super bugs' like the SARS virus in the future. SARS likely won't be the last new virus the world is going to encounter. Building a 'super charged' immune system is probably the only way out to prevent these future 'super bugs' from infecting us and making us ill.

If this is the only book on health you wish to purchase, buy this one. It will change your life. You must take steps to super charge your immune system now. This book spells out in simple layman language what the immune system is all about, why you get sick when your immune system fails, what nutrients, diet and healthy lifestyle you should choose to enable you to face diseases as simple as the common cold to diseases as complex as some forms of cancer and the recent SARS virus.

There is no guarantee against any disease. Nonetheless, I can give you one guarantee: A weak immune system will give you a poor defense against disease, but a super powered immune system will give you the best chance for optimal health and maximum resistance to disease.

As antioxidants play a vital role in building a strong immune system please read also our book on ANTIOXIDANTS.





传染病将在21世纪成为一个可怕的问题。细菌正在迅速对我们军械库中的每种抗生素产生完全抗药性,目前尚无新的“奇迹”药物在开发中。但是最糟糕的情况是,将来我们可能会看到非常强大的微生物或突变的“超级细菌”(如SARS病毒)的出现。 SARS可能不会成为世界上将要遇到的最后一种新病毒。建立“超级充电”的免疫系统可能是防止这些未来“超级错误”感染我们并使我们生病的唯一出路。