OP Liver Cleansing (NEW)
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Are you feeling sluggish most of the time? Or feeling dizzy with mild nausea? Having abdominal bloating or great difficulty digesting fat? Maybe it's time to detoxify your liver.

Don't take your liver for granted. The liver is our second largest organ. Just like the heart, the liver has to work hard to keep you alive. It is a real fighter but if you inundate it with excessive toxic substances you could injure the health of your liver. This could lead you to hepatitis, cirrhosis, fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis, cancer, and inflammation of the bile duct. Due to our neglect, well over 25 million North Americans have chronic liver problems, making liver toxicity one of our leading health conditions.

Considering that we are living in a toxic world, I can safely make a statement that every person reading this book has liver damage to one degree or another.

Discover in this book how some herbs and nutrients can help protect and support the liver functions. When the liver falters, all other organs will fail to function ideally. If you look after your liver's health, it will reward you with years of healthy living.




您是否经常感到疲累倦怠? 或是头晕和轻微恶心? 腹胀或难以消化脂肪? 也许是您进行肝脏排毒的时候了。

切勿对您的肝脏健康掉以轻心。肝脏是身体的第二大器官。就如心脏一样,肝脏必须勤奋工作使我们生存。肝脏是真正的战士,但若您任由它被过量的毒素掩没,肝脏的健康将会受到损害,进而导致肝炎、肝硬化、脂肪肝、酒精性肝炎、癌症及胆管发炎。由于疏于照顾肝脏, 超过2千500万名北美洲人患有慢性肝病, 使得肝脏中毒成为主要的健康问题。