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"Medicinal Herbs: A Vital Reference Guide is...

A helpful and easy-to-read reference for anyone wanting to learn more about the valuable benefits of medicinal herbs. Nutritionist and herbalist John Westerdahl, introduces you to the important herbal

remedies used today for healing and,  maintaining good health." 

Norman R. Farnsworth, Ph.D, 

Research Professor of Pharmacognosy and Senior University Scholar, Program for Collaborative Research in the Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Pharmacy, University of Illinois at Chicago

"Herbal medicines offer us safe, effective and cost-saving alternatives for our better health. Medicinal Herbs: A Vital Reference Guide gives us a concise, thorough guide to today's popular herbs in an easy-to­understand format. The appropriate use of nature's medicinal herbs can bring a gift of healing and quality to our lives." 

Constance Grauds, R.Ph., 

Founder and President, Association of Natural Medicine Pharmacists 

"Medicinal Herbs: A Vital Reference Guide is a valuable resource for anyone looking for a more natural, yet effective, approach to better health. John Westerdahl, M.P.H., R.D., C.N.S., M.H., will help you sort through much of the confusion surrounding the use of medicinal herbs."

John A. McDougall, M.D., 






Norman R. Farnsworth博士,



Constance Grauds,博士,


“草药:重要参考指南对于任何寻求更自然,更有效的方法来改善健康的人都是宝贵的资源。John Westerdahl,MPH,RD,CNS,MH可以帮助您解决与治疗有关的许多困惑使用草药。”