OP Migraine Headache
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The kids are screaming, you are rushing to prepare dinner for your family and your dog has just overturned the cooking pot full of gravy. You suddenly feel a throbbing pain on one side of your head. You feel nauseous and the intense desire to vomit. All you desire is to retreat immediately to a dark quiet room as you are unable to tolerate the loud noise and bright lights. You may be experiencing a migraine on the way! About 25 million Americans suffer from migraine headache, of which 70 percent migraine patients are women. Migraine is not just any ordinary headache nor is it “all in the head.” In fact, headache experts call it a disease - the headache is only a symptom. Most of the time, it cannot be overcome just by popping a pain-killer and hoping it to go away. Popping pain-killers too regularly can lead to a “rebounce headache.” Migraine can disrupt your normal activities and interfere with your work and your family responsibilities. The attacks can occur once to several times a week and can last 4-7 hours. The headache pain also differs in the severity frequency and disability from person to person. This book explains in ordinary layman language what migraine is and does to your health and how you can use natural remedies and lifestyle changes to get relief for migraine headache or even help prevent its recurrence.