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Forty-one million Americans are estimated to have pre-diabetes compared to 16 million Americans diagnosed with diabetes. This says a mouthful about pre-diabetes! Pre-diabetes is a wake-up call to warn you that you could be getting the real thing. If your blood fasting glucose is above 5.5 mmol/L, this is an indication that your insulin is beginning to lose control over your blood sugar level. You are now diagnosed as a pre-diabetic. Pre-diabetes not only increases your risk of type 2 diabetes within 10 years but also increases your risk of a heart attack or stroke by 50 percent. If you have pre-diabetes, you may experience difficulties in losing weight. Furthermore, damages to your heart, arteries, nerves, and eyes are already taking place at this stage causing no symptoms for the present, but ticking like a time bomb. This is a must-read book for those who have symptoms of pre-diabetes and want to discover what pre-diabetes is, its cause and the harm it can do to your health and the preventive steps you can take to keep diabetes from taking hold of your body. Read this book even if you have never been diagnosed with diabetes. You have a one out of four chances of developing pre-diabetes. Prevention of diabetes is possible at this stage.


估计有四千一百万美国人患有糖尿病前期疾病,而被诊断出患有糖尿病的美国人为一千六百万。这说了一口关于糖尿病前期!糖尿病前是一个警钟,警告您可能会得到真实的东西。如果您的空腹血糖高于5.5 mmol / L,则表明您的胰岛素开始失去对血糖水平的控制。您现在被诊断为糖尿病前期。糖尿病前期不仅会在10年内增加2型糖尿病的风险,而且还会使您罹患心脏病或中风的风险增加50%。如果您患有糖尿病前期,减肥可能会遇到困难。此外,在此阶段已经对您的心脏,动脉,神经和眼睛造成了损害,目前尚无症状,但像定时炸弹一样滴答作响。这是一本必读的书籍,适合那些患有糖尿病前期症状,想要发现糖尿病前期的患者,其病因以及对健康的危害以及为防止糖尿病而采取的预防措施你的身体。即使您从未被诊断出患有糖尿病,也请阅读本书。您有四分之一的机会患上糖尿病前期糖尿病。在此阶段可以预防糖尿病。