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心血管疾病(CVD)有两个主要组成部分:心脏疾病(心脏病)和血管疾病(血管疾病)。因此,心脏和血管的循环系统构成心血管系统。例如,心脏病发作是心脏疾病,而中风是血管疾病。两者都是CVD的主要形式。 自1918年流感大流行以来,除了在1918年流感大流行期间,一年多以来,心血管疾病一直是美国的头号杀手。 2004年,CVD夺去了871,500人的生命,每2.8人死亡一人。 2006年在美国照顾心血管疾病患者的费用估计为4031亿美元。   好消息是我们不必成为CVD的受害者。了解“沉默的杀手”,即糖尿病前期,糖尿病,胆固醇和高血压,与心血管疾病有关。了解饮食和营养,精选食物补充和改变生活方式如何帮助您预防或降低您患CVD的风险。   本书中包含的建议可以为更健康,更丰富,更幸福的生活打开大门。现在采取积极措施逮捕“内心的沉默杀手”,你将为你的生活和生活增添多年。



Cardiovascular disease (CVD) has two main components: heart disease (heart disease) and vascular disease (vascular disease). Therefore, the circulatory system of the heart and blood vessels constitutes the cardiovascular system. For example, a heart attack is a heart disease, and a stroke is a vascular disease. Both are the main forms of CVD. Since the influenza pandemic of 1918, except for the period of the influenza pandemic of 1918, cardiovascular disease has been the number one killer in the United States for more than a year. In 2004, CVD claimed 871,500 lives, and every 2.8 deaths. The cost of caring for patients with cardiovascular disease in the United States in 2006 was estimated at $ 403.1 billion. The good news is that we do n’t have to be a victim of CVD. Understand that the "silent killer", that is, pre-diabetes, diabetes, cholesterol and high blood pressure, is related to cardiovascular disease. Learn how diet and nutrition, selected food supplements and lifestyle changes can help you prevent or reduce your risk of CVD. The recommendations contained in this book can open the door to a healthier, richer and happier life. Now take positive measures to arrest the "inner silent killer", you will add years to your life and life.