Alive Energized Probiotic 4gx25
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Dietigracia Energized Probiotic consists of 7 probiotic strains and prebiotics. These microorganisms are dual coated and they exhibit the following qualities:

  • Resistance to gastric acids and bile acids- to be able to survive and reach the intestine
  • Timely release – to be completely released from their coating materials in the intestine, so that they adapt, survive and reproduce
  • Cell adherence – to be able to settle and proliferate in the mucous membranes of the intestines
  • Improve intestinal health – maintains the healthy ratio of good and bad bacteria

Dietigracia Energized Probiotic is beneficial in 

  • Fighting the growth of pathogenic bacteria
  • Reducing the side effects of antibiotic
  • Maximizing the body’s absorption rate of nutrients from the food consumed
  • Improving and reducing the effects of lactose intolerances
  • Restoring the balance of the intestinal bacteria
  • Helping with chronic intestinal problem such as diarrhea
  • Further infused with Bio-Activated Energy (BAE) for better absorption by the body


Streptococcus thermophilus (9 billion cfu), ACTOBACILLUS PLANTARUM (6 billion cfu), BIFIDOBACTERIUM LACTIS (4.5 billion cfu), LACTOBACILLUS ACIDOPHILUS (3 billion cfu), LACTOCOCCUS LACTIS (3 billion cfu), LACTOBACILLUS CASEI (3 billion cfu), BIFIDOBACTERIUM LOGAM (1.5 billion cfu), Beneo Inulin Prebiotics





  • 抵抗胃酸和胆汁酸-能够生存并到达肠道
  • 及时释放–完全从肠中的涂层材料中释放出来,以便它们适应,生存和繁殖
  • 细胞粘附-能够在肠道粘膜中沉降和增殖
  • 改善肠道健康–维持好细菌和坏细菌的健康比例


  • 抵抗病原菌的生长
  • 减少抗生素的副作用
  • 最大化人体对所食用食物的营养吸收率
  • 改善和减少乳糖不耐症的影响
  • 恢复肠道细菌的平衡
  • 帮助慢性肠道问题,例如腹泻
  • 进一步注入生物激活能量(BAE),以更好地被人体吸收


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