Greenapple Active Chinese Yam Powder 180g
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Product SKU Greenapple Active Chinese Yam Powder 180g
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Size (L x W x H) 7 cm x 7 cm x 12 cm
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Main Functions:

1. Nourish spleen and stomach
2. Replenish kidney
3. Replenish lungs

Main Specialities:

1. Made by the world’s best authentic Henan yam.
2. Vacuum dehydration to maintain yam’s original colour and active ingredients
3. 100% natural, no fumigation, sugar-free recipes, suitable for any person

Recommended for:

1. Person suffering bloating, poor appetite, dull or poor nutrient absorption
2. Frail children and elderly
3. Person suffering long term coughing

Serving method:

1. Adults – 2 teaspoon, Children- 1 teaspoon, babies – half a teaspoon, twice a day
2. Can be directly consumed or added into any beverage, such as milk, soy milk, soup or porridge

Friendly reminder:

1. Yams are rich in amylase which can effectively turn sugar into energy and maintain stable blood sugar to keep people energetic, it is very beneficial for people with diabetes
2. Yams have very significant convergence, not suitable for people suffering serious constipation



1. 健脾益胃
2. 补益肾气
3. 补益肺气


2. 以真空脱水,保存了山药的原色,原味,也保存了它的活性成分。
3. 100%天然,无硫磺薰蒸,无糖配方,适合任何人士。


1. 腹胀,食欲欠佳,食不知味或营养吸收欠佳者。
2. 体弱尿多的小孩或老年人,妇女气虚白带清稀者。
3. 肺气虚而长期咳嗽者。


1. 成年人,每次两茶匙,儿童一匙,小儿半匙,一天两次。
2. 可以直接口服,亦可加入任何饮料,如牛奶,豆奶,汤或粥里。


1. 现代药理发现活性山药富含淀粉酵素,能有效地把糖转化为能量,使血中糖分平稳,也让人精力充沛,因此对糖尿病人非常有益。
2. 山药有很显著的收敛作用,严重便秘者不适合服用。