Kay Kay Organic Spinach Powder with Prebiotics Twinpack 150gx2 (Normal Price RM 118)
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Product SKU Kay Kay Organic Spinach Powder with Prebiotics Twinpack 150gx2 (Normal Price RM 118)
Brand Kay Kay
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Product Description

KAY-KAY™ ORGANIC SPINACH Powder is 100% finely ground powder made entirely of dried spinach. This unique powder is pale green in color and has a spinach aroma. Spinach powder dissolves easily into liquid and can be added to smoothies, green juices. With added prebiotics that is packed with the goodness to promote the growth of good intestinal bacteria for a better digestive health.

KAY-KAY™ ORGANIC SPINACH Powder is packed with carotenoids such as beta-carotene, and research suggests that significant levels of this vital nutrients are probably best known for their eye health protecting properties and a low risk of developing age-related macular degeneration, or AMD, a leading cause of blindness in adults.

SPINACH The fresh organic spinach stem and leaves used are raw and unprocessed. Our gentle extraction and drying process ensures that nutrient density is maintained, helping to ensure every teaspoon of KAY-KAY™ ORGANIC SPINACH Powder is super healthy.

KAY-KAY™ ORGANIC SPINACH Powder is also loaded with prebiotics for a healthy microbiome gut health.

Add this to your juice, yoghurt, cereal, dips, baking, soup, smoothies, or as a nutritious drink on its own.

PREBIOTIC(INULIN FROM CHICORY ROOT) Our Prebiotics used is the proprietary ingredient Orafti®Synergy1 from Belgium. Extensive evidence has shown that prebiotic fibres improve the balance of the intestinal flora by stimulating beneficial bifidobacteria growth – an important element of good digestive health. A healthy gut environment in turn is the most important source for an overall well-being.

HIGH IN CALCIUM & MAGNESIUM, IRON, POTASSIUM & VITAMIN A Spinach contains these plant based nutrients naturally.

RICH IN VITAMIN K Spinach also contains vitamin K, fiber, phosphorus, and thiamine. Vitamin K – is an important nutrient in the support and maintenance of healthy bones.

VEGAN FRIENDLY All plant based source makes this an ideal food for vegans.

CHOLESTEROL FREE & TRANS FAT FREE Healthier with all the benefits and none of the side effects.

INGREDIENTS Organic SPINACH* powder (Spinacia oleracea) & Prebiotics using proprietary ingredient Orafti®Synergy1 from Belgium. *Plant part used: Stem & leaf

Not Suitable for infant consumption. KAY KAY™ ORGANIC SPINACH powders are safe to consume for kids above 5 years of age to adults and there’s no issues with incorporating them into your diet to increase their vitamins & minerals intake providing you aren’t using the ORGANIC SPINACH powders as a sole source of nutrition.










富含维生素K菠菜还含有维生素K,纤维,磷和硫胺素。维生素K –是支持和维持健康骨骼的重要营养素。



成分使用比利时专有成分Orafti®Synergy1的有机菠菜粉(Spinacia oleracea)和益生元。 *使用的植物部位:茎和叶

不适合婴儿食用。对于5岁以上的成年人,成人可以安全食用KAY KAY™有机菠菜粉,只要您不使用有机菠菜粉作为唯一来源,就可以将其掺入饮食中以增加维生素和矿物质的摄入量营养。