Love Earth Organic Wheatgrass Powder 185g
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Product SKU Love Earth Organic Wheatgrass Powder 185g
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Wheatgrass is full of antioxidants (抗氧化) , amino acids (氨基酸), vitamins (维生素), iron (铁), magnesium (镁), calcium (钙) and chlorophyll (叶绿素).

Many nutritionists suggest that consumption of small quantities of wheatgrass daily can increase our immune system and treat various ailments such as:-

  • Cold (感冒)
  • Cough (咳嗽)
  • Constipation (便秘)
  • Wounds and cuts  (伤口)
  • Fever (发烧)
  • **Or more serious disease like cancer (癌症), diabetes (糖尿), anemia (贫血), ulcerative colitis (溃疡性结肠炎) or AIDS (艾滋病)

Wheatgrass For Menstruation

  • Stimulates production of red blood cells and improves the health of blood (促进血细胞生长和保持健康血液)
  • Chlorophyll, it mimics the actions of hemoglobin in the body and helps regulate menstrual cycles
  • Folic acid, Vitamin B12 and Chlorophyll helps reduce heavy menstrual bleeding that can causes anemia
  • Stabilize women hormone then reduce PMS 
  • Detoxify menstruation blood