CFO Organic Goji Berries 200g
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Country Farm’s Organic Goji Berry, also called the wolfberry, is a bright orange-red berry that comes from a shrub that’s native to China. In Asia, goji berries have been eaten for generations in the hope of living longer. As Goji Berries are rich in nutrients, people overtime, have used goji berries to treat many common health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, fever and age-related eye problems. Goji berries are eaten raw, cooked or dried (like raisins) and are used in herbal teas, juices, wines and medicines. Eating goji berries offers many health benefits. They’re known to strengthen the immune system while nourishing and protecting the liver and kidneys. They also contain beta carotene that promotes healthy skin. In addition, they’re also excellent in boosting energy levels and a great help in improving your vision.



  • High in essential fatty acids
  • Highest source of antioxidants (has anti-aging effect)
  • Helps in boosting and fortifying the immune system
  • Helps regulate blood sugar levels
  • Promotes healthy liver
  • 15 times more nutritional iron than spinach
  • More Vitamin C per ounce than an orange
  • 18 amino acids including the 8 essential amino(higher than bee pollen)
  • 21 trace minerals
  • B vitamins B1,B2 & B6
  • Vitamin E (which is very rare in fruits)
  • Richest source of carotenoids of all known foods




Country Farm的有机枸杞(也称为枸杞)是一种鲜橙色的浆果,来自中国本土的灌木丛。在亚洲,枸杞子已被世代食用,以期更长寿。由于枸杞浆果富含营养,人们加班已使用枸杞来治疗许多常见的健康问题,例如糖尿病,高血压,发烧和与年龄有关的眼睛问题。枸杞可生,煮或干(如葡萄干)食用,并用于凉茶,果汁,葡萄酒和药品。吃枸杞有很多健康益处。众所周知,它们可以增强免疫系统,同时又可以滋养和保护肝脏和肾脏。它们还含有促进健康皮肤的β-胡萝卜素。此外,它们在提高能量水平方面也很出色,并且对改善视力也有很大帮助。


  • 必需脂肪酸含量高
  • 最高的抗氧化剂来源(具有抗衰老作用)
  • 有助于增强和增强免疫系统
  • 帮助调节血糖水平
  • 促进健康的肝脏
  • 营养铁比菠菜高15倍
  • 每盎司维生素C比橙色多
  • 18种氨基酸,包括8种必需氨基酸(高于蜂花粉)
  • 21种微量元素
  • 维生素B1,B2和B6
  • 维生素E(在水果中非常罕见)
  • 所有已知食物中类胡萝卜素的最丰富来源