Greenapple Multiflori Root Powder 220g
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Product SKU Greenapple Multiflori Root Powder 220g
Brand GA Organic
Size (L x W x H) 7 cm x 7 cm x 12 cm
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Main Functions
1. Hair care and maintain beauty
2. Nourishing
3. Nourish liver and kidney, enhance tendons and bones

Main Specialities
1. 100% high quality Multiflori Root
2. No sulfur, taste natural
3. Sugar-free recipes, suitable for any person.

Recommended for:
1. Person suffering early white hair and hair loss
2. Person suffering anaemia, yellow face, dizziness and menstruation problem
3. Person suffering night cramps, backache

Serving method
1. Direct consumption
2.  Can be added into soup
3. Coupled with black soy and black sesame powder for better effect

Friendly reminder
1. One teaspoon for each consumption
2. Reduce consumption during hot weather as Multiflori Root has a warm nature


1. 乌发养颜。
2. 补血,养血。
3. 补益肝肾,养筋壮骨。

1. 100%优质首乌。
2. 无硫磺,口感天然。
3. 无糖配方,适合任何人士。

1. 头发早白,脱发者。
2. 贫血,面黄,头晕,月经量少者。
3. 夜里抽筋,腰酸腿软者。

1. 可以直接口服。
2. 也可加入热汤里。
3. 配上黑豆粉和黑芝麻粉效果更好。

1. 每次服用一茶匙。
2. 首乌性质微温,怕热者或天气热时减量。