Clearspring Organic Puffed Rice cake-No Added Salt 130g
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Product SKU Clearspring Organic Puffed Rice cake-No Added Salt 130g
Brand Clearspring
Size (L x W x H) 11 cm x 5 cm x 15 cm
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Ingredients: 100% organic brown rice

May contain traces of sesame seeds.

Foil wrapped for freshness.

Product weight: 130g

Clearspring Organic Puffed Rice Cakes are light and crispy, and make a delicious snack straight from the pack or served with toppings or spreads. They are a healthy, low fat and wholesome alternative to bread and other crackers. As with all Clearspring products, we choose ingredients that are authentic and sustainably sourced. We work with traditional producers specialising in small batches to deliver great tasting, good food to our customers.

They are made in Belgium with certified organic whole grains and sea salt using the traditional Japanese vacuum heating method.

Enjoy with savoury or sweet dips and spreads, they also make an ideal base for tasty toppings to serve as appetisers and party snacks.




Clearspring有机膨化年糕轻巧酥脆,可直接从包装中制成美味小吃,也可搭配浇头或涂抹酱。 它们是一种健康,低脂,有益健康的食品,可代替面包和其他饼干。 与所有Clearspring产品一样,我们选择的是地道且可持续采购的原料。 我们与专门从事小批量生产的传统生产商合作,为我们的客户提供美味的佳肴。