Orgran Gluten Free Apple Pie Cookies 130g
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Product SKU Orgran Gluten Free Apple Pie Cookies 130g
Brand Orgran
Size (L x W x H) 15 cm x 6 cm x 14 cm
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Product Description

Take a bite of this deliciously crumbly cookie that is perfect with your afternoon tea or coffee. Filled with a medley of tasty currants, chewy apple pieces and fresh fruit aroma, ORGRAN Apple Pie Cookies is oven-baked to perfection offering all the pleasures of a traditional, golden, home-made apple pie in a delightfully light cookie.



咬一口这个脆脆的饼干,与您的下午茶或咖啡完美搭配。 ORGRAN苹果派曲奇充满了美味的黑醋栗,耐嚼的苹果片和新鲜水果的香气,经烤箱烘培至极致,以令人愉悦的轻巧曲奇提供传统,金色,自制苹果派的所有乐趣。