Ecover All Purpose Cleaner-Lemongrass & Ginger 1L
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Product SKU Ecover All Purpose Cleaner-Lemongrass & Ginger 1L
Brand Ecover
Size (L x W x H) 8 cm x 6 cm x 26 cm
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Cut through grease and grime on all your hard surfaces with Ecover All-Purpose Cleaner. This household all-rounder leaves floors and tiles squeaky clean with no noxious residues. Get a cleaner clean for a happy, healthy home.

Be sure to leave those hard surfaces spic & span with Ecover All-Purpose Cleaner. One diluted capful goes a long way – tackling the kitchen floors to the bathroom tiles. Naturally, it’s been given the big thumbs up from the Good Housekeeping Institute too.

Suitable for septic tanks, not tested on animals, fully biodegradable.

Ecover All Purpose Cleaner - works for you

  • Cuts through grease and grime effectively.
  • Leaves all hard washable surfaces sparkling clean.
  • Contains pioneering New Eco-Surfactants
  • Fresh plant based fragrance.
  • Approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute

Ecover All Purpose Cleaner - works for the environment

  • Based on plant and mineral ingredients.
  • Fast and complete biodegradability.
  • Minimum impact on aquatic life.
  • Suitable for septic tanks.
  • Product made at Ecover’s ecological factory.

Instructions for use

Use 1 or 2 capfuls in half a bucket of warm water (about 5L). For obstinate stains use undiluted and wash off with a soft cloth. Wipe with a dry cloth for extra sparkle. 1 cap = 30ml


确保使用Ecover多功能清洁剂使那些坚硬的表面保持斑点状和跨度。一个稀释后的容量很大,可以将厨房地板固定在浴室瓷砖上。自然,Good Housekeeping Institute也给予了很大的赞许。



- 有效去除油脂和污垢。
- 使所有坚硬的可洗表面起泡干净。
- 包含开拓性的新型生态表面活性剂
- 新鲜植物香精。
- 由Good Housekeeping Institute批准


- 基于植物和矿物质成分。
- 快速而完整的生物降解性。
- 对水生生物的影响最小。
- 适用于化粪池。
- 产品由Ecover的生态工厂生产。


在半桶温水(约5升)中使用1或2满满。对于顽固的污渍,请未经稀释并用软布洗净。用干布擦拭,以增加闪光感。 1瓶= 30毫升