Goodmaid Glassex Lemon Twinpack 500mlx2
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Product SKU Goodmaid Glassex Lemon Twinpack 500mlx2
Brand Goodmaid
Size (L x W x H) 10 cm x 11 cm x 24 cm
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Formulated with new Superclean, Lemon Glass Cleaner!

Formulation with added Extra Shine properties to superclean and supershine any glass and other surfaces.
Improved Anti-static and Anti-dust properties for an effective and quick removal of dirt and stains, without streaking in one easy spray. Effectively reduces dust and mist build-up for a longer-lasting shine.
Refreshing fragrance to freshen the environment.
Suitable for glass windows, mirrors, TV screens and other surfaces such as chrome, stainless steel and Formica.


Superclean formulation!, Extra shine, Anti-static and anti-dust, The total cleaning specialist, Halal - Malaysia