Y Slimz Bathroom Master All in1 500ml (Orange)
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Product SKU Y Slimz Bathroom Master All in1 500ml (Orange)
Brand Y Slimz
Size (L x W x H) 10 cm x 5 cm x 25 cm
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Bathroom Master gets rid of stains and kills 99.99% germs. It also helps to eliminate lime deposits and protect your bathroom tiles from discolouration. Superior fragrance from tea tree oil extract keeps odours away while leaving your bathroom pleasantly fresh. Ideal for cleaning mosaic, toilet bowl and bathroom fixtures. Use frequently to repel cockroaches and ants. Not harmful to skin. Application : Apply directly, brush and rise off.


Bathroom Master去除污渍并杀死99.99%的细菌。它还有助于消除石灰沉积并保护浴室瓷砖不褪色。茶树油提取物的上等香气可消除异味,同时让您的浴室保持清新宜人的感觉。清洁马赛克,马桶和浴室装置的理想选择。经常使用以驱除蟑螂和蚂蚁。对皮肤无害。应用:直接应用,刷并且上升。