Y Slimz Floor Master 11in1 1L (White)
Price RM18.50
Product SKU Y Slimz Floor Master 11in1 1L (White)
Brand Y Slimz
Size (L x W x H) 8.5 cm x 8.5 cm x 26 cm
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Make your house the perfect home by adding the refreshing touch of Mint and Eucalyptus that will keep your floors spotless. A vibrant and soothing scent that is designed to repel bothersome insects from your home, the Y-Slimz Floor Master is the perfect way to return the original homely glow to your floors. Exclusively formulated for all floors types, wall tiles and even kitchen stove, it is guaranteed to leave your home feeling refreshed and your floors spotless. If you dread that weekly mopping and bucket routine, get yourself Y-Slimz Floor Master Mint and Eucalyptus that leaves your glass doors, windows, floors, wall tiles and kitchen stoves squeaky clean. Twice A WEEK is All You Need!


加入薄荷和桉树的清新触感,使您的房子成为完美的家,这将使您的地板一尘不染。 Y-Slimz Floor Master是一种充满活力和舒缓感的香气,旨在驱除您家里的烦人的昆虫,是将原始居家光辉还原到地板上的理想方法。专为所有地板类型,墙面瓷砖甚至厨房炉灶配方,可确保让您的家感觉清新,地板一尘不染。如果您不喜欢每周执行一次拖把和水桶清洁工作,请让Y-Slimz Floor Master Mint和Eucalyptus保持玻璃门,窗户,地板,墙砖和厨房炉灶的清洁。只需一周即可获得两次!