Y Slimz Floor Master 12in1 1L (Green)
Price RM19.90
Product SKU Y Slimz Floor Master 12in1 1L (Green)
Brand Y Slimz
Size (L x W x H) 8.5 cm x 8.5 cm x 26 cm

Exclusively formulated for all floors types, wall tiles and even kitchen stove, Y-Slimz Floor Master is your miracle cleaner that does not only clean but leaves a lasting fragrance. It is made from Tea Tree Oil and Citronella extracts that deeply clean all types of surfaces and repel mosquitoes, ants, flies and cockroaches hidden in your floors and leave a pleasant fresh fragrance that you will fall in love with instantly. Whether you are looking for an all-in-one surface cleaner or that an effective window cleaner, Y-Slimz Floor Master does the trick. Y-Slimz Floor Master quickly cleans your floor. It's lovely, herbal fragrance freshens up your home. If you dread that weekly mopping and bucket routine, get yourself Y-Slimz Floor Master Tea Tree Oil and Citronella that leaves your glass doors, windows, floors, wall tiles and kitchen stoves squeaky clean. Twice A WEEK is All You Need ! 15ml liquid mix with 7 litre water, one mop last for 3 days cleanliness, while mopping also polish your floor. In addition to that, repel insect such as cockroaches, ant, flies and mosquitoes


Y-Slimz Floor Master是专为所有地板类型,墙砖甚至厨房炉灶而专门配制的,是您奇迹般的清洁剂,它不仅可以清洁,而且可以散发持久的香气。它由茶树油和香茅提取物制成,可深层清洁所有类型的表面,并驱除隐藏在地板上的蚊子,蚂蚁,苍蝇和蟑螂,并留下令人愉悦的清新香气,让您立即爱上它。无论您是寻找多功能的表面清洁剂还是高效的窗户清洁剂,Y-Slimz Floor Master都能满足您的要求。 Y-Slimz Floor Master快速清洁您的地板。它是一种可爱的草药香料,可让您的家焕然一新。如果您不喜欢每周进行一次拖把和水桶清洁工作,请给自己Y-Slimz地板大师级茶树油和香茅油,使您的玻璃门,窗户,地板,墙砖和厨房炉灶发出吱吱作响的清洁声。一周两次就够了! 15毫升液体混合物与7升水混合,一次拖把可持续3天清洁度,同时拖把还可以擦亮地板。除此之外,还可以驱除蟑螂,蚂蚁,苍蝇和蚊子等昆虫