Goodmaid Floor Cleaner Rose Garden 2L
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Product SKU Goodmaid Floor Cleaner Rose Garden 2L
Brand Goodmaid
Size (L x W x H) 15 cm x 8 cm x 32 cm
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Product Description

Goodmaid Superclean Floor Cleaner formulation is non-sticky and gives you shiny floors in a quick and convenient one-step process. It doesn’t leave behind sticky residue that can trap dirt and grime. It’s suitable for all floor surfaces and leaves a fresh scent after every clean. It’s also effective in cleaning hard surfaces such as refrigerators, cupboards, walls, counters, sinks and more

Floor Cleaner with Rose Garden fragrance



Goodmaid Superclean地板清洁剂配方不粘腻,可通过快速便捷的一步操作为您提供光泽的地板。它不会留下粘性的残留物,这些残留物会捕获灰尘和污垢。适用于所有地板表面,每次清洁后都能散发出清新的香气。它还可以有效清洁硬表面,例如冰箱,橱柜,墙壁,柜台,水槽等