Clearspring Organic Bottled Sauerkraut 360g
Price RM12.50
Product SKU Clearspring Organic Bottled Sauerkraut 360g
Brand Clearspring
Size (L x W x H) 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm x 10 cm

Ingredients: White cabbage** (97%), sea salt, juniper berries* (1%).
*organically grown

Product weight: 360g

Bio Kitchen is the name of our premium range of organic and biodynamic staple foods in clear glass jars which are naturally sweet and full of flavour.

Sauerkraut literally means sour cabbage in German. Naturally fermented, without added vinegar- just salt and time as well as juniper berries for a delicious and authentic taste. Sauerkraut is made by a pickling process called lacto-fermentation that is similar to how traditional gherkins and kimchi are made.


成分:白菜**(97%),海盐,杜松子*(1%)。 **有机/德米特 *有机种植 产品重量:360g Bio Kitchen是我们优质有机和生物动力主食系列产品的名称,这些产品均采用天然甜味十足的透明玻璃罐装。 酸菜的字面意思是德语的酸菜。天然发酵,不加醋,只需加盐和时间以及杜松子即可,带来可口的正宗风味。酸菜是通过一种称为乳酸发酵的酸洗工艺制成的,类似于传统的小黄瓜和泡菜的制作方法。