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Ecobee Royal Trigona Raw Honey
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Product SKU Ecobee Royal Trigona Raw Honey
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Helps in boosting immunity. Works effectively on respiratory disease especially asthma and combats influenza. Also suitable for patients with diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Since 2002, director Cathie Tan has established the Eco Bee Shop. When she suffered from discomfort on a stressful working day due to physical discomfort, she began to realize how amazing the effects of bee products on humans. She has conducted in-depth research on the benefits and potential uses of bee products for human health and now calls it apitherapy. Her personal testimony from raw honey consumption and her in-depth knowledge of bee products have brought life-changing experiences to many people, especially patients.

Through our farming system, it enables us to produce truly high-quality bee products without the addition of sucrose, antibiotics, and pesticides, which can weaken their health. However, all of our goods are sold at reasonable prices. Our products are backed by a money guarantee to ensure that our products are not adulterated.


-Help lower blood pressure

-Improve Cholesterol

-Lower Triglycerides

-Promotes Burn and Woon Healing

-Help Suppress Coughs in Children




自2002年以来,Director Cathie Tan成立了Eco Bee Shop。当她由于身体不适而在紧张的工作日中感到不适时,她开始意识到蜂产品对人类的影响是多么惊人。她对蜂产品对人类健康的益处和潜在用途进行了深入研究,现在将其称为apitherapy。她从生蜂蜜消费中获得的个人证词以及对蜂产品的深入了解为许多人,尤其是患者带来了改变人生的经历。