Greenapple Beta Barley Milk 700g
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Main Functions
1. Lower cholesterol, prevent vascular occlusion.
2. Laxative.
3. Food replacement

Main Specialties
1. Using Canadian specialty such as wax beans, wheat bran and organic peeled milk to prepare. It is rich in nutritional essence of dietary fiber and soybean
2. Containing 2.5 grams glucan from wax beans per cup and Beta-glucan which can effectively lower cholesterol
3. Sugar-free recipes, suitable for any person

Recommeded for:
1. People with high cholesterol. A cup of it during morning and night can effectively reduce cholesterol
2. Those who want to reduce food consumption. Drink a cup half an hour before meal as it will provides necessary nutrition
3. Person that intake insufficient dietary fiber

Simple brewing method
1. A shake cup with 150ml of cold water
2. Add two tablespoons of wax wheat powder, shake well
3. Pour into a  cup, add about 100 ml of hot water, stir well and drink

Cardiovascular disease is a silent killer in modern society, high-cholesterol diet is the main cause of the disease
Eat less animal fat, stay away from trans fats



1. 降低胆固醇,预防血管阻塞。
2. 润肠通便。
3. 代餐减食。

1. 采用加拿大的特产,蜡麦麸皮和有机去皮豆奶粉配制而成,含有丰富的膳食纤维和大豆的营养精华。
2. 每杯含有2.5克来自蜡麦麸的葡聚糖,Beta-glucan,能有效地降低体内胆固醇。
3. 无糖配方,适合任何人士。

1. 高胆固醇的人士。早晚一杯能有效地降低胆固醇。
2. 想要减食的人士。餐前半小时喝一杯,又营养,又耐饱。
3. 膳食纤维摄取量不足的人。

1. 在摇杯里加入150毫升的冷开水。
2. 加入两大汤匙的蜡麦奶粉,摇均匀。
3. 倒入杯子中,加入热水约100毫升,搅匀后便可饮用。

1. 心脑血管疾病是无声的杀手,现代化的高胆固醇饮食是主要的致病原因。
2. 少吃动物脂肪,远离反式脂肪。