Greenapple Black Bean Powder 350g
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Main Functions
1. Strengthen waist and kidney
2. Strengthen  liver and eyesight
3. Hair care

Main Specialties
1. Black Soy Bean is one the few beans that can be eat and made into medicine
2. Black Soy Bean has characteristics of high nutritional and low calorie, it can slow down aging
3. 100% organic black beans with sugar-free recipes, suitable for any person

Recommende for:
1. Elderly who suffer backache
2. People who has weak physical and suffering dim vision
3. Malnutrition person and people suffering premature graying

Adults 2 to 6 teaspoons, children 1 to 3 teaspoons, babies 1 spoonful ( twice a day )
Can be added into any hot beverages such as milk, soy milk, soup or porridge

Mix 3 portion of black soybean meal, 2 portion of black sesame powder and 1 portion of multiflori root powder into Three Black Powder, each servings take 4 spoon, long term in take will beautify your hair and strengthen bones and muscle
For elderly suffering from weak kidney or foot/leg/ankle swelling, Three Black Powder plus Red Job’s Tear Powder will help a lot



1. 皮黑入肾,壮腰补骨。
2. 肉青入肝,清肝明目。
3. 乌发养颜。

1. 青仁黑豆营养丰富,是少数能入药的食用豆类。
2. 青仁黑豆具有高营养低热量的特性,常吃可以延缓衰老。
3. 100%有机青仁黑豆,无糖配方,适合任何人士。

1. 中老年人,腰酸腿软者。
2. 身体虚弱,视物昏花者。
3. 营养不足,须发早白者。

1. 成年人,每次二至六茶匙,儿童减半,小儿一匙,一天两次。
2. 可加入任何热饮料,如牛奶,豆奶,汤或粥里。

1. 用三份黑豆粉,两份黑芝麻粉和一份首乌粉合成三黑散,每次服用四匙,长期饮用有乌发养颜,强壮筋骨的功效。
2. 老年人肾虚下肢浮肿,可用三黑散加红薏仁粉冲服。