Fuzzy Rock Crystal Lemon 40g
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Product SKU Fuzzy Rock Crystal Lemon 40g
Brand Fuzzy Rock
Size (L x W x H) 12 cm x 3 cm x 13 cm
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Ingredients: xylitol (99%), natural flavours

Flavour: Lemon

Extreme mint power to breathe deeply! This crystal refreshes instantly! For athletes with a bite and tingling outdoor activities.

FUZZY ROCK consists of the purest birch sugar from the forests of Finland, where the xylitol crystals are sustainably produced. Xylitol is supported by 6 international dental associations as a tooth-healthy alternative to conventional sugar.

  • Just 1 rock will freshen your breath

  • supports the fight against tooth and gum disease

  • helps protect tooth enamel and helps remineralise it

  • According to independent studies, it has a neutralising effect on bacteria and acids

  • The consumption of xylitol helps maintain tooth mineralization.

With just one packet of FUZZY ROCK spread over a week, plaque and bacteria should be reduced by up to 50%!

Simply let it melt on your tongue 1-2 rocks after eating and the bacteria are killed, the oral flora is neutralised by acids and the breath is refreshed.

40g - One packet covers about the weekly requirement (6-10g per day)