Berief Organic Oat Drink (Barista) 1L
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Product SKU Berief Organic Oat Drink (Barista) 1L
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For your perfect coffee moment! You love creamy macchiatos or cappuccino creations? Become a barista professional in no time with the Berief organic barista oat drink. But the Berief organic Barista oat drink will you impress you even more: We use only organically grown oats from Europe. In Addition, the drink is purely plant-based and naturally lactose-free. All Berief products are developed and manufactured by us in the beautiful Münsterland region in Germany - since 1985. As a family business, we attach great importance to sustainability: For all ingredients for our Berief products, we pay attention to organic, regional ingredients with minimal transportation routes. Features: Made from organic certified European oats and soybean No added sugar No preservatives Low fat (2.0g/100ml) Specially formulated with characteristic which blends well with coffee; adds natural sweetness to coffee without added sugars. Froths extremely well 100% plant-based, suitable for vegans and lactose-intolerance individuals Benefits: Rich in iron – just one cup of oat milk provides approx. 10% of the daily requirement of iron intake. Packed with beta-glucan – which helps reduce blood cholesterol level to ensure cardiovascular health. Lactose-free – an ideal substitute to dairy milk, perfect for those who are lactose-intolerance. Serving suggestion: Add into oatmeal or breakfast cereals Froth and top it on coffee for a creamy cup of cappuccino/latte Add into tea Blend with fruits as smoothies Versatile application in cooking and desserts