Greenapple Organic Rooibos Tea 90g
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Main Functions
1. Rooibos contains polyphenols that has anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-mutagenic qualities.
2. Rooibos tea is totally caffeine-free, therefore it is recommended by doctors for insomniacs. A cup of 3 Rooibos beverage just before going to bed can help you sleep better.
3. Rooibos Tea is rich in calcium, manganese & fluoride minerals that assist in good bone structure & stronger teeth.
4. The alpha hydroxyl acid & zinc contents in Rooibos Tea are best for skin.
5. The anti-oxidants present in Rooibos Tea slows down human aging process & also boost the immunity levels of human body.

Main Specialties
1. 100% natural product
2. Grown in South Africa, using Red Tea Fermintation Methodd to produce.
3. Certified by USDA
4. Decaffeinated

Recommended for:
1. Acidity will easily lead to illness and fatigue.
3. Those who are suffering from urid acid.
4. Those who wish to maintain youthfullness and vitality.

Simple brewing method
Put the tea bag into a cup, add 200~250ml of boiling water, drink after 5 minute above.

May able to add honey, lemon or fruit juice to taste.
For better result, urid acid sufferer are advise to add half piece of lemon juice, twice a day.



1. 瑞博士茶含有茶多酚,有抗发炎,抗病毒和抗诱变特性。
2. 瑞博士茶完全不含咖啡因,因此医生推荐对治疗失眠有明显的作用。
3. 瑞博士茶含有丰富的钙,锰和氟化物矿物质,有助于良好的骨骼结构和更坚固的牙齿。
4. 瑞博士茶富含抗氧化剂,在减缓人体衰老过程中和也增强人体的免疫水平。

1. 100%纯天然
2. 源自南非,以制作红茶的方法发酵而成
3. 获得USDA 有机认证
4. 不含咖啡因

1. 酸性体质,容易生病,容易疲劳者。
2. 尿酸患者。
3. 欲常保青春活力者。

1. 把茶袋放入杯子里, 加入200~250毫升的沸水浸泡5分钟以上即可饮用。可以重复加水。

1. 可添加蜂蜜, 柠檬或其他各类果汁令饮料更美味。
2. 尿酸患者在茶中加入半粒柠檬汁,早晚喝一杯效果更好