GBT Guava Leaf Tea 40g
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Product SKU GBT Guava Leaf Tea 40g
Brand GBT
Size (L x W x H) 24 cm x 12 cm x 5 cm
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  • 针对糖尿问题的人   ,血糖偏高者
  • For people with diabetes, those with high blood sugar
  • 成分:本品以自然阳光晒干的红心番石榴嫩叶制成,无其他添加物
  • Ingredients: This product is made of fresh leaves of red guava dried in natural sunlight, without other additives
  • 重量: 40g(2g  X  20包)(方便携带,茶袋包装,冲泡方便)
  • Weight: 40g (2g X 20 bags) (easy to carry, tea bag packaging, easy to brew)