GBT Strobilanthes Herbal Tea 60g
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  • 净重 / Net Weight: 60g ( 3g x 20 sachets )
  • 清热解毒 活血消肿 抗癌恩物产品说明:黑面将军在东南亚国家相当普遍,近几年来备受推荐。这种草药具有清热解毒、活血消肿的功能,主要治疗泌尿系统感染、小便不利、月经不调、闭经、跌打损伤及皮肤热毒等症状,尤其是膀胱结石,用黑面将军的叶子泡茶喝能利尿,同时又降血压的功能。也有马来同胞用来治疗泌尿结石症,因而催生了“化石草”这个名称。Introduction:Blackface General herb is quite common in Southeast Asian countries and has been highly recommended in recent years.This herb has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxifying,promoting blood circulation and reducing swelling.It mainly treats tract infections,irregular menstruation,amenorrhea,bruises and other symptoms.especially bladder stones,using Blackface General herb to make tea.Drinking diuretic,its also help lowering blood pressure.Malay compatriots also used to treat urinary calculi.
  • 成份:纯黑面将军草药磨粉。Ingredients:Pure Strobilanthes Herbal Tea Powder.
  • 饮用方法:将一包黑面将军茶袋置入杯里,加入约250cc的热水,浸泡约5至10分钟,出味后即可饮用。Direction:Place a sachet into a glass of 250cc hot water,wait for 5minutes,stir well and serve