GBT Vitality Fruits Herbal Tea 300g
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  • 桂圓·紅棗·枸杞元氣三寶茶元氣補氣色·滋養新活力

    Longan, Red Dates, Wolfberry

    Vitality Fruits Tea

  • 成份:龍眼乾、紅棗乾、寧夏枸杞。Ingredients: Dried Longan, Dried Red Dates, Wolfberry
  • 淨重/Net Weight: 300g ( 20g x 15 sachets)
  • 沖泡法:將一小包元氣三寶茶倒入保溫杯中,加入約250ml滾水;蓋上杯蓋,燜約15分鐘,即可開蓋飲用。溫馨建議:若要味道更鮮美、口感更軟糯,建議可燜超過30分鐘。

    How to Consume:

    Pour a small packet of Vitality Fruits Tea into the thermos cup and add about 250ml of boiling water; cover the lid and rub for about 15 minutes to open the lid for drinking.

    Warm advice: If you want a more delicious and softer taste, it is recommended to take more than 30 minutes.

  • 產品說明:桂圓紅棗枸杞茶是對人體非常有補益的熱飲料,能補血益氣、滋陰養顏,女性朋友喝了面色更加紅潤健康,男性喝了活力充沛,神清氣爽。尤其對身體虛弱容易疲倦的人,更有著很好的調養作用。1:桂圓。桂圓就是龍眼,它不僅有抗衰老、增強免疫力的功效,還有抑制腫瘤細胞及提神醒腦作用,對失眠健忘症也有一定的調養功能。




    Vitality Fruits tea is a hot beverage that is very beneficial to the human body. It can nourish blood and the skin. For female, drink daily can help anti-aging and good blood circulation, more complex and radiant health. For men drink energetic and refreshing. Especially for people who are weak and tired, they have a good nursed back to health.