Greenapple Organic Prune Extract 280g
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 Main Functions:

2. Nourish kidney
3. Anti-aging

 Main Specialities:

1. Rich in pectin which effectively help bowel movements and relieve constipation
2. Comes with organic certification, so it is absolutely safe
3. High antioxidant and has been hailed as the fruit of life by Caucasians

 Recommended for:

1.Person suffering constipation
2. Pale and Anemic patients
3. Those who want to maintain youth

 Serving method:

1. Adults – 1 or 2 Spoon, Children 1 Spoon, Babies – Half Spoon ( Twice Per Day)
2. Can be directly consumed or added into beverages
3. To ease constipation, can consume two tablespoons of Prune Extract, two tablespoons of psyllium shell, 300cc water, stir and drink

 Friendly reminder:

1.Suitable for all ages
2.Rich in pectin, pregnant women avoid overdose


主要功能 :

1. 润肠通便。
2. 益肾养血。
3. 抗老化



1. 含丰富的果胶,能有效地帮助大肠蠕动,解决便秘。
2. 有机认证,绝对安全。
3. 高抗氧化,被高加索人誉为生命之果。


建议人群 :

1. 大便干燥难行者。
2. 面色苍白,贫血患者。
3. 想要保住青春者。


服用方法 :

1. 成年人每次一至两茶匙,儿童一匙,小儿半匙,一天两次。
2. 可以直接口服,也可以加入饮料中。
3. 要排宿便者可以用两汤匙黑枣精,两汤匙车前子壳,300cc清水,搅溶后马上喝下。


温馨提醒 :