Radiant Natural Raw Manuka MG 100 (340g)
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Product SKU Radiant Natural Raw Manuka MG 100 (340g)
Brand Radiant
Size (L x W x H) 7 cm x 7 cm x 10 cm
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Source direct from the New Zealand Manuka Tree. Each batch has been tested by Independent scientific laboratory for non peroxide activity and Methylglyoxal (MG) content.


It is certified Halal.


RADIANT Raw Manuka is direct from natural hives placed in beautiful remote regions within New Zealand.

It is never heated over hive temperature or processed. It is as close to nature as is possible to achieve.




In allowing the bees, flowers and seasons to interact naturally, you may experience subtle variations in colour, texture and flavour with RADIANT Raw Manuka from batch to batch.


Ingredients : 100% Raw New Zealand Manuka Honey.

Ministry of Primary Industries NewZealand has set up regulations to grade manuka honey. This helps to mitigate fraud or lower quality manuka.
Genuine manuka honey has to come from mono floral and not multi or polifloral (meaning many flowers and some is not manuka flower).
Kanuka honey is passed out as manuka honey and the activity is very low.

Both Woodlands organic manuka honey and Radiant raw manuka honey are laboratory tested by accredited body on its anti bacterial properties. There are tracebility audit for every batch of the manuka honey.