Mandor Organic Almond Drink Unsweetened 1L
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Product SKU Mandor Organic Almond Drink Unsweetened 1L
Brand Mandor
Size (L x W x H) 8 cm x 8 cm x 21 cm
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  • 100% made in Italy with 5.5% of organic roasted almond content
  • Lightly sweetened with organic grape sugar, which gives a balanced and delicate taste to almond drink
  • Non-GMO product, no preservatives added



  • A nutritious drink that gives the body energy and protein
  • Low calories and fat compare to dairy milk
    • 45 kcal per 100ml
    • 2.5g of total fat per 100ml
    • Free of cholesterol
  • Lactose free- An ideal substitute to cow’s milk, suitable for vegans and those who are intolerance or allergic to dairy milk
  • Gluten-free


Serving suggestion:

  • Add into oatmeal or breakfast cereals
  • Add into coffee or tea
  • Mix it in smoothies
  • Use it in cooking and desserts
  • Use it as milk replacement in baked goods


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Net Weight

1 L

Shelf Life

24 months