Country Farm Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml
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Product SKU Country Farm Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml
Brand Country Farm
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Product Description

  • Country Farm Organics’ EVCO is prepared from fresh matured kernel of the coconut meat which is organically harvested from the heartland of sprawling   coconut plantation in Luzon island, Philippines.
  • Kernel is dried under a specific condition first before the oil is extracted using cold-pressed method, thereby to assure the highest quality of EVCO with a fresh coconut scent without any impurities.
  • Moisture content is kept under 0.1% in order to retain its freshness by preventing rancidity.
  • Optimum nutrients and antioxidants of EVCO are also well preserved through the state of the art manufacturing equipment


Internally for Health

  • Boost “healthy” cholesterol (known as HDL)
  • Contains 50% lauric acid, which aids in preventing various heart problems
  • Provides instant energy source as they are more easily absorbed and metabolised as fuel instead of being stored as fat.
  • Enhance antimicrobial and antiviral activity in the body acting as a natural remedy
  • Not easily oxidized and harder to go rancid due to high smoking point (comparing to olive oil)
  • Does not cause harmful free radical damage, which is responsible of increasing vulnerability to cancer disease
  • Provides protection to the area from external dangers such as dirt, fungi and bacteria when applied to open wounds
  • Speeds up the healing process when applied to bruises
  • Boost metabolic rate that aids in weight lost
  • Relieve constipation



  • Country Farm Organics的EVCO由新鲜成熟的椰子肉仁制备而成,该椰子仁是从菲律宾吕宋岛蔓延的椰子种植园中心地带有机收获的。
  • 内核先在特定条件下干燥,然后再使用冷压方法提取油,从而确保在没有任何杂质的情况下,以新鲜椰子香气确保EVCO的最高质量。
  • 水分保持在0.1%以下,以防止酸败,保持新鲜度。
  • EVCO的最佳养分和抗氧化剂也可以通过最先进的制造设备得到很好的保存


  • 增强“健康”胆固醇(称为HDL)
  • 包含50%月桂酸,有助于预防各种心脏问题
  • 提供即时能源,因为它们更容易被吸收和代谢为燃料,而不是存储为脂肪。
  • 增强体内的抗微生物和抗病毒活性,这是一种自然疗法
  • 由于高烟点(与橄榄油相比),不易被氧化,更难以腐烂
  • 不会造成有害的自由基破坏,这会增加对癌症疾病的脆弱性
  • 当用于开放性伤口时,可保护该区域免受外部危险,例如污垢,真菌和细菌的侵害
  • 应用于瘀伤时加快愈合过程
  • 提高新陈代谢率,帮助减轻体重
  • 缓解便秘