Agnesi Sugo Al Basilico 400g
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Product SKU Agnesi Sugo Al Basilico 400g
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Agnesi Sugo Al Basilico is a sauce that blends fragrant basil with ripe Italian tomatoes and onions. These tasty ingredients are cooked slowly to create a delicious and thick sauce that hugs your favorite pasta perfectly.

No Flavorings.

Ingredients: tomato pulp (60%), tomato paste (18%), tomato puree (9%). Onions (5%), extra virgin olive oil, basil (2%), sugar, salt

Agnesi Sugo Al Basilico 是一种将芬芳的罗勒与成熟的意大利西红柿和洋葱混合而成的酱汁。 这些美味的食材经过缓慢烹制,制成美味浓稠的酱汁,完美包裹住您最喜爱的意大利面。


成分:番茄浆(60%)、番茄酱(18%)、番茄泥(9%)。 洋葱 (5%)、特级初榨橄榄油、罗勒 (2%)、糖、盐