Mewah Red Rice 1kg
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Brand Dagang Mewah
Size (L x W x H) 16 cm x 9 cm x 30 cm
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Red rice is a special type of grains which gets its unique red tinge from its rich content of anthocyanins. Aside from giving the rice it's distinctive colour, anthocyanins deliver a protective antioxidant punch (almost 10 times more than brown rice)! The long grain variety of rice is also known as "Cargo Rice," originating from the Heilongjiang region of North-East China.

MEWAH imported USDA-Certified Red Rice promises gluten-free, natural whole grain goodness for health conscious consumers. Sought after around the world for its nutrient-dense health properties, the benefits of a superior red rice diet include: High content of Anthocyanin antioxidant