Brittany Sea Salt fine France (Bottled) 420g
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Product SKU Brittany Sea Salt fine France (Bottled) 420g
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Genuine sea salt from the ancient Celtic Sea salt marshes of Guérande in Brittany, France. This sea salt is hand harvested using traditional Celtic methods. Naturally dried by the wind and the sun this gives rise to a light grey salt which is moist to touch. In this moist salt the 80 essential macro and trace minerals from the sea water are retained. Stone ground. Foods cooked with natural salt taste better and you will be supplying your body with necessary minerals and trace elements.

  • Certified by Nature et Progess to be 100% natural
  • Harvested and processed by organic methods, unrefined and free of pesticides, herbicides and chemicals
  • No machinery, anti-caking agent or bleaching is used in the processing
  • More Nutritious than Table Salt
  • Lower in Sodium
  • Exquisite Taste 

- 通过Nature and Progess认证为100%天然
- 通过有机方法收获和加工,未精制且不含农药,除草剂和化学物质
- 加工过程中不使用机械,防结块剂或漂白剂
- 比食用盐更营养
- 钠含量较低
- 精致的味道