Celtic Sea Salt fine ground 200g
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Product SKU Celtic Sea Salt fine ground 200g
Brand Celtic Sea Salt
Size (L x W x H) 12 cm x 2 cm x 18 cm
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Celtic Sea Salt® Fine Ground Celtic® comes from the Light Grey Celtic®, just low temperature dried and crushed for convenience. The mineral profile is retained and the ease of use increased. Fine Ground Celtic® is great for baking and works well for those who are new to natural unrefined salt.


凯尔特海盐®精细研磨的凯尔特人®(Celtic®)来自浅灰色凯尔特人®(Celtic®),为方便起见,仅进行低温干燥和粉碎。矿物轮廓得以保留,并且易于使用。 Fine GroundCeltic®非常适合烘烤,非常适合天然未精制盐的初学者。