MRC Sea Salt 750g
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Brand Miracle
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Miracle Sea Salt is collected using the ancient method and the salt obtained is important to the human body. Deficiency in salt intake will reduce body sodium level that leads to loss of appetite, weakness, and dizziness. Sea salt can be used as a washing agent. Rubbing sea salt on the body can increase metabolism, clean skin. It acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, sterilization agent to remove excess fat and hardened epithelial tightening of pores and smoothen skin.

神奇海盐是用古老的方法采集而成。盐中含有的矿物质对人体非常重要。缺少了它,人体就不能传送营养物质或氧气,无法对神经脉搏或者运动肌肉进行传导,心脏也不能跳动。人们已经习惯用深海谷盐洗脸和浴足。它能促进新陈代谢, 深层清洁肌肤, 消炎, 杀菌, 祛除多余脂肪和角质称层, 收敛粗大毛孔。长期使用即可让肌肤柔滑细腻。